Diary of an athletic family come Sunday raceday

My husband (who has taken up cycling in the past year) and I both had a race this Sunday morning. Admittedly his was the more important one as with his time he wanted to qualify for another big race next September. Mine was just another 10km that I hadn’t specifically trained for. So as he stayed closer to the race the night before, I was left at home to deal with 3 dogs, a cat and a 5-year old on the morning of the race, which was starting at 8.30 about 45 minutes drive away from our house. I managed to feed all animals and walk the dogs having only one escapee that was quickly retrieved, delivered the child to my parents and drove myself to the start line. I really enjoyed the race, which was a bit undulating but the incline was quite gentle. I finished a minute over my PB (at 47.31) and half a minute over what I would normally do. Not great but looking at the splits I can see I got lazy at about 8k. Will try harder next time (also train more/better). Considering though that this was the 3rd race in 3 weeks for me (the other 2 were a tough half marathon and a proper mountain race) and the 4th in 5 weeks (including another half marathon), I think I delivered. I quickly ran away (I literally ran to the car) to manage to be back near our house to see the bike race passing by (my dad was bringing our son). I managed to be there in plenty of time. However, as the peleton was passing by I couldn’t make out who my husband was so I started shouting out his name. Quite a few cyclists then caught on and starting calling out his name too. As my husband is one of the few foreign cyclists where we live, whoever didn’t know who David is, they now do!

The peleton coming through


My medal and I

After all this excitement, I came home to find I had to clean up a dog accident. As I was trying to make it to the shower, the hubbie called to say we should pick him up at the end of the race, a good 45km away. All dogs and the child retrieved daddy and his bike and we then made it to a lovely lunch with a couple of great friends.

We finally got home (I was still trying to shower-thankfully I didn’t stink too much-or at least no one said) and my son wanted me to make him pasta and salad with raisins and balsamic vinegar. As the cyclist of the day seemed more tired than me, I happily went in the kitchen and prepared a lovely meal.

We had a hectic but lovely day and more importantly our family cyclist did qualify for the big race!

We all love competing and all but looking at our calendar none of us has a race next weekend. So I’ll drink a lovely glass of red wine to that as I put my (finally clean feet) up and relax!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, David and Annika

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