My name is Annika and I am a runner, a wife and a mum of one toddler, 2 dogs and one cat. I am a PhD cell/molecular biologist and a classically trained pianist. I have been running on and off for almost 15 years but I fell in love with outdoor running in the last 8 years and have never looked back since. At the moment I train for any race from a 1 miler to a marathon. I want to share with you my passion for running, my experiences of training and racing. While away from home either on holiday or for work, I always make a point of getting out for a run. You will see here the reports from those runs in the hope that they will help others find their way around when visiting a new place. I also talk about being a mum of a young family and how running fits into family life. Finally, my love and understanding of science is shedding light and raising questions in many running topics.